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Shirakawa-go Here!

Introduction for Shirakawa Village

    *total area of this village      35,655 ha
                                               =89137.5  acres
                                               =431425500   yards
2*location of the village office Longitude 136` 54' 23" east Latitude 36` 16' 18" north 496 m above sea level
*the highest point........>Hakusan mountain 2702 m above sea level =2972 yards
*the lowest point.........>borders between this village and Toyama Pref. 350 m above sea level =385 yards

Access to Shirakawa-go
    Approximate travel time
     Tokyo-----Nagoya       2hrs.(Railway)
     Nagoya----Takayama     2hrs.(Railway)
     Takayama--Shirakawa-go 50min.(Expressway shuttle bus)
     Kanazawa--Shirakawa-go 1hrs 15min(Expressway shuttle bus).
     Takaoka---Shirakawa-go 2hrs 30min.(Shuttle bus)

     From Takayama City To Shirakawa-go ---> The Bus Time

     Engligh guide tour from Takayama City to Shirakawa-go 

     Shirakawa Village is located in the northwestern part of Gifu Pref.
and is next to Gokayama Village in Toyama pref., and west of the village
are the Hakusan Mountains which border Ishikawa Pref. and Gifu Pref..

    It is a typical mountain village that is surrounded by mountains.
Mountains and forests account for 96% of the area and the remaining
0.4% is cultivated land.